This is a development site only and not the Concept2 Logbook. Unless you are here for testing purposes, please go to the proper Logbook site.

How to Start and Manage a Team

Set Up an Online Profile

All team management tasks (creating the team, adding team members, and so on) occur through an Online Logbook (it's FREE!). If you don't already have one:

  1. Visit the Online Logbook home page.
  2. Click Register and enter the necessary information.
  3. Note: An Online Logbook profile represents a single person and cannot be used to represent multiple people.
  4. Once you've created a logbook, follow the steps below.

Create a New Team

  1. Click Teams at the top of the page to start setting up a new team.
  2. In the Team Captain section, click Create a team.
  3. Enter the requested information:
    • Team Name
    • Team Type
    • Whether your team is an Open team (i.e. anyone can join at any time). If it is not an Open team, then you will be required to approve all applications to join the team.
    • A team message for others to see
  4. Click Create team. You will be redirected to the Team Captain page.

Add Members to Your Team

If your team has open membership, other Logbook users can add themselves to your team from their online logbook. If your team has closed membership, then users must apply to join your team and then be approved by you.

If you want to add people to a team who do not have a Logbook

  1. Click Teams in your online logbook.
  2. In the Team Captain section, click Go to Team Captain page.
  3. On the Team Manager Page click Create user and follow the instructions given on that page.

For these users you will be responsible for signing them up for each challenge and for adding their meters.


How Meters Accumulate for Your Team

Once the challenge begins, team meters accumulate as follows:

  • Team members who have their own online logbooks need to confirm their participation in the current challenge. Once they confirm, applicable meters entered into their online logbooks during the current challenge dates will automatically count towards the team totals.
  • Team members who do not have their own online logbooks will need to send you their meter totals. You will then need to enter these meters using the "Quick Meters" in the Team Manager page.