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Concept2 Spring VIII Series

The 2020 Spring VIII Series is a new virtual team challenge that allows athletes to compete as a crew of eight from the comforts of their own homes.

Team captains create one or more boats and choose their teammates. Each week, there is a different workout. Athletes need to enter their workout results in their individual Online Logbooks before the entry deadline. All eight individual results count for the boat.

Boats do not have to participate in every round, but there is an overall leaderboard for those who do.


Week Dates Workout Entry Deadline
Week 1 April 6–12 6,000m April 14 17:00 GMT (13:00 ET)
Week 2 April 13–19 500m April 21 17:00 GMT (13:00 ET)
Week 3 April 20–26 30 minutes April 28 17:00 GMT (13:00 ET)
Week 4 April 27–May 3 4 minutes May 5 17:00 GMT (13:00 ET)
Week 5 May 4–10 2,000m May 12 17:00 GMT (13:00 ET)

All workouts must be single distance or single time pieces done on an indoor rower with or without Slides or on a Dynamic Indoor Rower (no SkiErgs or BikeErgs for this challenge). All athletes must enter their scores in their individual logbooks by the entry deadlines. Captains must also submit their final boat selection(s) by the entry deadline. Any workouts or boats submitted after then will not be accepted. Athletes may attempt the workout as many times as they care to within the given time period. Their fastest verified piece will be selected automatically.

Team Captains

If you have not already created a team, you can do so from your Teams page.

Once you've created a team, your athletes can join. Teams can be either private or public. If they're private, people will need to apply to your team and you can approve the applications. Athletes can join your team from the Teams page of their logbook, or you can send them the link to your team page. If they're signed in, they will be able to join directly from there.

Your Team Captain page has a link to the Series section. Here, you can create boats and add athletes to them. Once you have added an athlete, by default they will stay on the boat for all remaining rounds, and there is no need to add them again next time. You can, however, change as many athletes as you want in each round. Each team can have several boats.

On the Team Captain Series page, you can see which of your athletes have completed the workout and their result. You have until the entry deadline of each round to submit your boat; if an athlete does not enter a time, you can swap him or her for another active member on your roster. You can also finalize your boat based on your athletes' results. If you have fewer than eight athletes with a submitted score, your boat will not count for that round.


To take part as an athlete, you need to be on a team and to complete the weekly challenge. If your team captain puts you on a boat for that round, you will count towards your boat's score. Captains have until the end of each round to choose their boat, so even if you are not currently on a boat, you should still do the challenge.

As an athlete, you need to enter a verified result for each round in your Logbook by the final entry deadline. Late entries will not be accepted.


All athlete times MUST be verified times. To get a verified time, please do one of the following:

  • Upload your piece to the Logbook using ErgData. All ErgData pieces are automatically classed as verified. This is the easiest way to verify a piece if you have a PM5.
  • Upload your piece using the Concept2 Utility and either a USB LogBook, a Concept2 LogCard or by connecting the monitor to a computer.
  • Enter the verification code for the workout. You can also edit your piece afterwards to add the verification code. Important: The verification code needs the date, time and distance on your piece to match. Please check the date on the monitor before your piece.
  • If you can't do either of the above, you can also ask us to verify it manually. Go to the Contact page of the Logbook and choose "Verify a Piece". You can then send us one of: a screenshot of your monitor; your verification code; video of the workout; or details of any witnesses.

Incentives and Rewards

  • Inclusion on the leaderboard board.
  • A specially designed downloadable certificate will be available for all teams.



There is no mixed team class, but women can be selected for a men's boat.

Team Categories

Youth (U19) All members must be under age 19 as of December 31, 2020 or enrolled full-time in high school.
University DI All members must be undergraduates representing an intercollegiate varsity-supported team.
University DII All members must be undergraduates representing an intercollegiate varsity-supported team.
University DIII All members must be undergraduates representing an intercollegiate varsity-supported team.
Collegiate Club All members are part of the same collegiate club program. This is open to international university and college crews.
Open Open to all.

Please check with your NCAA Compliance Officer regarding any eligibility questions.

Masters Categories

Masters should enter the Open category. You will be automatically placed in a Masters category based on the average age of your boat. You will be able to view a separate leaderboard for your Masters category.


If all athletes in a boat submit their time as a lightweight, the boat will also appear in the lightweight standings. Team captains do not need to do anything for a boat to appear in the lightweight standings.

  • Lightweight Women: <= 61.5 kg (135 lb)
  • Lightweight Men: <= 75 kg (165 lb)